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Frequently Asked Questions

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ArightCo does not offer temporary staffing solutions. Arightco, Inc. is a professional business consulting firm that provides integrated services for small to medium size businesses for back-of-the house support in Finance and Human Resources services. Our professionals can step in and quickly integrate into your organization as a client partner and long-term solution.
ArightCo closely partners with clients and integrates with your business to provide a seamless solution for immediate needs in the area of Finance or Human Resources Services. ArightCo does not charge clients on a per invoice basis for individual services. We are not an AI accounting solution business.
ArightCo has many ways to help small to medium sized businesses leverage their budgets. Check out our brand video to learn more about our workflow
When ArightCo is on board, business owners can shift their focus from day-to-day Finance and HR Operations to strategic leadership to grow their business. We have several services packages to fit the needs of all tiers of small to medium size businesses. Be sure to check out and view our “How We Work” model to learn more about our workflow processes and how ArightCo, Inc. may be the workforce solution you are seeking for your business
ArightCo has the capability to work with companies of all sizes, but mainly specializes in small to medium sized companies, with a focus on retail, service, IT among other industries. Our services can scale with the growth of your business over time.
Yes, ArightCo ensures GAAP compliance.
You will meet with a client partner for 30-60 minutes (on average) in order to have access granted to all necessary accounts, get an understanding of all your current requirements, and we get started the next day!
ArightCo highly recommends QuickBooks Online for accounting packages. However, ArightCo can also integrate with Xero, Netsuite, and Intacct. ArightCo also uses these vendors.
Yes, ArightCo serves international companies. ArightCo has partnerships with international accounting firms, and will coordinate with a local accounting firm in the country you are located in.
Yes, ArightCo has dedicated points of contact for each client, ensuring easy access to your resources.
ArightCo uses data-encrypted, secure file sharing platforms.
ArightCo strives to provide KPIs and financials by the 15th of every month, for the prior month.
ArightCo has location in both the United States and India
ArightCo offers a 24-hour turnaround.
The ArightCo team is made up of accountants, chartered accountants (CA), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Chief Financial Officers (CFO), SHRM Certified Professionals.
ArightCo will manage 1099s and state-specific annual reports and sales tax filings. We partner with a tax firm to complete annual federal and state taxes