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What We Do

ArightCo offers a comprehensive range of business services that will optimize your workflow.
Our services offer access to a team of skilled professionals – saving your business time and money.
Finance & Accounting​

ArightCo's team of finance and accounting professionals provide cost-saving techniques and financial controls to manage expenses and create efficiencies.​

Human Resources​

ArightCo HR solutions incorporate the fundamental functions necessary for your company to achieve high functionality & productivity.​

Business Support​

We provide Business Support Solutions for local and state business registrations, sales tax filings, and other compliance obligations to help you reach your business goals.

Strategic Advisory

ArightCo supports business strategy, equity financing, merger & acquisition duties, and more - putting your growing business in a position to succeed.

International Services​

ArightCo Consulting Private Limited, offers a full range of solutions internationally, providing the ability to streamline your accounting, finance, corporate compliance, tax, and back office management around the globe.

Venture Capital Services

ArightCo can work with your Venture Capital Firm to provide your portfolio companies with an individualized range of services to meet each of their unique needs. Working with ArightCo across your portfolio acts as a hub to allow easy access to financial information and business health metrics.

What Clients Say About Us

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    Thought Leaders- Arightco
    Hanoch Rosenn
    We have been working with ArightCo for almost 4 years and it is always a pleasure to work with their team. During the COVID Pandemic, the ArightCo team was key to securing government relief. ArightCo is proactive about providing resources and is always available for us with answers and solutions.

    Azure Biosystems

    Thought Leaders- Arightco
    Alnoor Shivji
    CEO and Chairman
    ArightCo has been providing payroll, accounting, and tax services to Azure Biosystems Inc since 2014. I have found Arightco personnel to be knowledgeable, diligent, and highly professional in providing these services to Azure Biosystems. It has been a pleasure working with Sushama and her team.

    Fazing Labs

    Thought Leaders- Arightco
    Noah Kindler
    Founding Board Member
    Arightco has been a fantastic partner, which I rarely say about partners. While their core bookkeeping is what I started working with them on, they also have dealt with complicated international tax issues and financings. And, I really appreciate their speed, expertise and reasonable pricing. I’ve used them at three companies now, and I have recommended them to friends and companies where I’ve invested.


    Thought Leaders- Arightco
    Sonali Singh
    As we spunoff OptiPlant Inc in 2018, we were looking for a firm to assist with HR, Accounting, and Finance so we could focus on our core skills of building and selling the product. As a spinoff, we were transferring a talented team and a growing list of customers, but we needed to streamline, be compliant, and convert from a services business to a software license and SaaS business. The ArightCo team were a tremendous help from setting up the company all the way to selling the company 2.5 years later. Initially, ArightCo utilized automated systems and templates to make HR onboarding simple and efficient. . The ArightCo team, and specifically Poonam Shah, was thorough and efficient at execution to create a healthy balance sheet, easily traceable metrics, and reports. As we headed into due diligence, their M&A expertise, was valuable in anticipating and collecting the data that would be required to respond effectively and complete the transaction successfully.

    Great Schools

    Thought Leaders- Arightco
    Leann Stewart
    VP Operations
    GreatSchools contracted with Arightco after our Director of Finance left on short notice. Not only did they help fill the gap, but, they were integral to our movement off of an archaic accounting system that no longer supported our needs. They not only assisted with the migration to Quickbooks, but ensured that the system met all of our accounting policies and procedures. We’ve now been with Arightco for just over two years and all of our financial operations run like clockwork, including our audit, tax preparation, and financial reporting to the Board of Directors. We are exceptionally pleased with their work ethic and support.

    Replay Technologies

    Thought Leaders- Arightco
    Oren Yogev
    I worked with the ArightCo team closely for the last 4 years until Replay was acquired by Intel and I don’t think I ever encountered such a high level of professionalism and service from a financial service provider.

    Cervin Ventures

    Thought Leaders- Arightco
    Neeraj Gupta
    Managing Director
    Arightco is a strong partner for various portfolio companies of Cervin Ventures. The combination of CFO services and deep understanding of SaaS and IT services makes ArightCo unique. Their ability to embed themselves as an integral part of a company is exceptional.


    Tahisha Victor - 49ers Academy
    Tahisha Victor
    Executive Director
    “We were working with another finance company that wasn’t as involved with us… (any) changes we wanted to make would go over our heads because they were technical and didn’t have the time to sit down with us. With ArightCo, that experience has been completely different.”


    Tom Furey - Sagetech
    Tom Furey
    CEO & Board Member
    “Utilizing ArightCo’s accounting and human resource services has created value for Sagetech Avionics in multiple dimensions: reducing costs, improving the breadth of skills available to our leadership team, and eliminating non-core tasks from our daily calendars.”

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