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The Problem

Employee Churn | Lack of Expertise

As a business leader, creating, managing, and facilitating in-house teams is time-consuming and extremely expensive.

Retaining In-House Teams

Companies are faced with the task of recruiting, training and retaining in-house finance and accounting resources.

Best Practices

Many companies lack the expertise to ensure financial statements are being prepared in accordance with proper practices.

Reporting Packages

Most businesses do not have experience developing a comprehensive reporting package for investors.

The Solution

What We Do

ArightCo integrates into your organization, aiding with operations and alleviating pressure points, allowing business owners to concentrate efforts on big-picture business development.

Transactional Entry

Partner with an experienced cempany that has processed thousands of transactions for their clients while providing greater operational efficiency

KPI Preparation

Create a KPI-driven culture and boost financial literacy across all of your teams

Client Invoicing

If you don't invoice clients, how are you going to get paid? ArightCo ensures you can manage projects, bill clients, send invoices, and get paid

Budget Creation

ArightCo's budget creation services will give your business predictability, tracking & monitoring your organization's progress

Cash Flow Planning

Without a viable cash flow plan, it's easy to lose track of capital flows over time, which leads to investment mistakes. Identify future income, expenses, and major expenditures

Controller Services

ArightCo controllers provide critical oversight and account management, ensuring policies and procedures are implemented and accurate financials are produced

Our Value Proposition

Why You Need Us

ArightCo teams add shareholder value, while allowing business owners to focus on what matters most.

Minimize Cost and Overhead

Cut expenses associated with hiring, managing, and retaining in-house teams. We provide better solutions at 30-50% savings of what it would cost to maintain these resources internally.

Streamlined Workflow

You can concentrate on core business areas and company growth, knowing you have a team of industry experts working with you and others in your organization.

One Point of Contact

Ensure ease of communication via our one point-of-contact communication model, connecting you with a dedicated client partner with direct knowledge of operating within your industry


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