Most small and midsize companies do not have the budget to hire top quality finance or HR professionals.
Arightco provides complete set of quality back office and shared services support that will save your company time, effort and money.
This ensures proper back office structure that will help your company at the time of fund raising or during a merger.

Reasons to choose Arightco:

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider engaging ARIGHTCO:

  • All back office activities are very important but non core functions for most firms.
    It is our core competence.
    Hence we can deliver a higher quality service at a lower price for you.
  • We bring a level of focus, drive and passion which you will not find with larger firms.
  • We are very comfortable working at all levels in the organization- board room to boiler room.
  • Our quality circle and ethical conduct is on par with the best global firms.
  • Our leaders have hands on operating experience, so we bring practical approaches and perspectives to getting things done.
    You wont get text bookish approaches from us.
  • We are big enough to serve you...and small enough to care.


US Center

India Center

Our local delivery center handles all local language tasks, is the interface with customers and its customers and suppliers, provides subject matter expertise and solves complex processes.

Our India delivery center handles all routine transaction processing and they support the consolidation of business units. This center has high volume processing and is efficiency focused and service oriented.

Delivery Centers


A critical success  factor in our ability to serve our clients is our unique approach in streamlining your back office by sharing a bundle of services in order to save your company time, effort and money.

By using this shared services approach we are able to streamline your entire back office so that you and your company can focus on the core functions that will ensure the growth and profitability of your company.

At Arightco we use the CARD Methodology for all our shared services in order to help you know where your business stands at any moment.

Compile Account Report Decide

Arightco will compile all the information that is needed for your everyday business operations. We then use this data to account for everything so that we are able to provide you with accurate and informative reports that will better serve you in making the right business decisions that will allow you to grow your company.

      The CARD Methodology:



  • Receive
  • Sort
  • Upload to workflow
  • Store
  • Process



  • Account
  • Reconcile
  • SOX Controls
  • Compliance
  • Tax Angle  




  • MIS
  • Budget Vs. Actual
  • Regulatory Reports
  • Close Loop Feedback
  • VAT /Tax Reporting
  • Audit Support


  • Stakeholders Report
  • Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Industrial Comparable
  • Decisions