Neeraj testimonial

Arightco is a strong partner for various portfolio companies of Cervin
Ventures. The combination of CFO services and deep understanding of
SaaS and IT services makes Arightco unique. Their ability to embed
themselves as an integral part of a company is exceptional.

-Neeraj Gupta, Managing Director of Cervin Ventures.

“Arightco took over the management of all Vasper finances and HR two years ago. Looking back I now realize that hiring Arightco has been my best business decision that created the foundation for our company to expand and to prosper.  Arightco’s professionalism, expertise and extensive experience in everything relating to money and HR has allowed us the luxury of precise cash flow management which resulted in significant increase in the efficiency of manufacturing, creating marketing tools, etc. I also learned that Arightco has an amazing network of trustworthy business professionals. Anytime I need a great commercial realtor, HR attorney or HVAC expert who will do the work without overcharging us, I reach out to Arightco and they always come up with the perfect match. I can't speak enough accolades about Arightco. We are lucky to have them on our team.”

-Peter Z. Wasowski, Founder and CEO Vasper Systems
Peter testimonial
Oren Testimonial

I worked with Arightco team closely for the last 4 years until Replay was acquired by Intel and I don’t think I ever encountered such a high level of professionalism and service from a financial service provider.
- Oren H. Yogev, CEO of Replay Technologies (acquired by Intel)